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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 3, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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businesses and churches are helping people out. >> paul: that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. we'll see you after the election next week. with some hype, the media said it was a media franken storm. was the coverage done right. >>. >> they got the spotlight giving updates and assessments but did some take advantage of the situation to politicize the problem and did the media help them do it? election day just days away. did hurricane sandy cause a media distraction taking the
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heat off the president on key issues? most in the media still in a blackout over the terror attacks in benghazi, ignoring new details about what happened and helping the white house cover up the real story. and do the tv shows you watch 6 any influence who you will puck as president? >> i marry bessy and dee. >> judy miller, richard grenell. jim pinkerton, contributing editor and alan colmes, thanks the liberals for saving america. she host of alan colmes show. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> were on the southern tip of manhattan, the area known as the
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battery, named the cannons that were defending it back in the 17th century. but nothing could protect the city when the water of water came crashing on shore. >> a huge portion of the eastern seaboard is crippled tonight. millions of viewers cannot see this broadcast because they are heading into another night of the dark. >> millions are trying to recover super storm sandy. >> it was billed the biggest storm to the atlantic coast delivered a crippling storm to the northeast. >> jon: hurricane sandy. the media often get criticized for hyping or overhyping these things. how did they do this time? >> howard kurtz, this is the rare storm that lived up to its hype. this is everything the
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forecasters would said it would be and maybe worse. i think the coverage, the elections were uncertain and talking about the storm. i think rightly so it's a bigger story. >> jon: did the media approach it with an agenda or just to tell the stories? >> i think there is kind desire on the part of the media to make it a big story. there was a little of that before the actual event but i think the social media were ahead of the mainstream media because before it was a storm, it was a hash tag which was franken storm. we were already anticipating what happened. in this case, if anything you can say the media didn't warn people enough. >> jon: but the problem with social media sometimes bad information gets out there and moves faster than the hurricane itself. >> the hash tag before the storm
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[ laughter ] >> you pick your sources carefully because it's important to get the right information. >> jon: it didn't take long for liberal media to trot out climate change as the reason for behind the storm? >> that is silly. hype of the storm before hand is somebody who doesn't live on the east coast. i live in los angeles. most people are saying yet again there is a big hype about an on doing storm. we weren't paying attention until we start to see the twitter photos and firsthand accounts. then to start immediately seeing the liberal media talk about it. >> the governor cuomo of new york, let's not blame the media. >> 50 years, we've only had a storm like this. >> he is not the media, he is a governor looking out for people of the state.
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>> the global warming things, there were news figures and people were eager to bring that angle up. i want to highlight the worst coverage of this whole thing, brian williams on rock center doing a segment on alec baldwin which you know is an nbc employee, so talking about an nbc employee, visiting volunteering on behalf of him. he doesn't want to be on camera and he was on camera. total pufr job from nbc. beside from the product placement. there are other aspects of his personality. >> how dare do they show that. >> jim brought in a copy of the "new york times" from friday, but i just want to highlight. i don't know if you were going to highlight this. it did manage to include the
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storm propelled bloomberg in obama's corner. they managed to find room for that. >> this was clearly an important endorsement. mayor bloomberg had been very critical of his performance. >> as they are still cleaning up this storm there are a lot of people pretty critical of mayoral's performance. >> shouldn't be front page news that the new york mayor endorsed the president of united states. >> with mayor bloomberg it's always unexpected. >> he was not at the republican convention. he didn't speak. there is the point. he is not a republican why are we excited that he is supported a democratic. >> i like what david riegle said maybe he should get bloomberg to not run the new york city marathon in the middle of the tragedy. we'll see if other people make
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the link between bloomberg and obama on that score. >> jon: that is the thick. he is getting more and more criticism on staten island and elsewhere you are pulling police resources to run the marathon and that sort of thing. this could become a real problem for him politically? >> there is no question. at first i think the whole media narrative was this storm was going to help president obama. he ran out there with a bomber jacket. the images of him being in charge were something that we all, i guess wanted to see in the media and the media wanted to tell. at the end of the day, it didn't go that well. we're seeing new yorkers still without electricity and still without heat. yet, obama is off doing something else. this whole bomber jacket is a perfect symbol for a sha
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shallow. >> you wanted to blame it on chris christie who also had a bomber jacket. >> let's look at the jacket and see that as a symbol. >> bush 43 campaign for reelection and staten island looking for their power. >> and considering where storm hit and the media's attention span, how long is sandy going to get coverage? >> in the new york metropolitan area it's going to get a lot of coverage because we are still or some of us are still so devastated by it. i think overall the media is going to move on to the election. there is going to be a second day story on mayor bloomberg's decision not to cancel the marathon. it's a big debate this weekend. >> i just have to give a shout out our fox forecasters who on thursday before the storm was going to hit how bad it could be. eric whimple apparently slammed
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her and said, given what we know about the storm, as it makes its way to land fall is it too vindicate dean and her employer. no way. more whimple you are not a meteorologist and janice did a great job. >> next on news watch, hurricane sandy spins over the east coast and the media spin and the coverage. >> hurricane sandy pounds the east coast. did the wall to wall coverage of the devastation drown out coverage of the campaign? and the media turned a spotlight on obama post storm efforts but what did the media give governor romney. answers next on news watch. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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>> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matter to me at the
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moment. i got much bigger fish to fry than that. so do the people in the state of new jersey, let the people worry about it. it's not my problem, i'm not dealing with it at the moment. >> jon: chris christie asking about his concerns. he had bigger issues to deal with at that point. judy, the media opinion of christie took a turn this week. can you summarize? >> it's called doing well by doing the right thing or the non-political thing which turns to be out very political. mcchrystal sti amazing but i think you saw the way which political winds are blowing. he also understood the devastation required him to do the right thing. he responded well and president obama owes him a very big thank you. >> last year. he took one when he said get the
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had hell off the beach. this time he didn't get so much flack. >> this thing, this irene thing were seen as a lighter storm. i would agree with judy that christie was focusing on being go governor of the state. there is a phrase, when a republican endorses democrats, they get strange new respect from the "washington post". >> and alan, there is strange new respect. >> that was a flak jacket that we saw. >> he was caring about the people of the state. the president was on the phone with him three times a day. it's not praising a commander in chief who is in charge of is a storm ultimately. >> i actually totally agree except for the fact that maureen dowd jumped to the conclusion he
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has moved left? that is the problem with the media. you cannot define critz at this is doing the right thing and evil before that simply by doing his job. we need to put pressure on the media to put them on be more substantive. >> jon: the advice the that it he made and christie is arm to arm along with the president in the boardwalk and looking presidential. it gave him the opportunity. that is worth all times of media exposure. >> coverage to coverage of these stories. let's say christie did a good job as governor. he is an impressive figure. he knows his geography. he says there is a dam at xyz place and he said that is
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actually a berm. on the narrative issue, liberal mainstream media that christie is no longer this right wing hack. he is now a guy who embraces our hero. that shaped the coverage a great deal. >> i don't think he was ever looked at at right wing hack. not taking the position of his ideological brothers or sisters in the republican party. i don't think anybody would regard him as a hack. >> jon: what about the treatment of governor romney and his reaction to the storm. there were replays of his comments about federal funding. there were comparisons to john mccain pulling out of the campaign in 2008 when the financial crisis hit. >> before he even spoke, you had a buzz feed reporter getting caught on audio saying, i'm hear to listen to governor romney
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because there is a 40% chance he will say something really stupid. this is jump before governor romney spoke. that tells you everything about the press corps following governor romney. they were never going to let him -- >> give him as the example. >> tim graham rattle off a bunch of reporters, a whole slew sounding like that. >> msnbc criticized him for collecting donations? >> first of all this guy goes to walmart and spends 5 to give to people and you have ryan telling people, workers at shelter where ryan is going, pack the stuff slower so ryan could get there
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in time for the photo op. >> we need to send allen into staten island so he can tell them all the people. it's merely a photo op. in terms of the coverage. >> staten island residents are furious at the red cross. >> they should have taken romney's donations. >> they are looking for nothing but coverage and photo-ops for this storm. >> shame on them. too bad they didn't take the donation. >> it was fair game to hold him to cut the fema budget by 40%. that is fair game. >> that is not what he said. >> he cut domestic spending and reluctant think tanks said that he would cut 40%. >> he would privatize it. yes, he did. >> in one of debates he said the
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best options would be privatize it. >> it's always better to get the money back from the state and better option would be. this is talking about relief for people. what we're sneak new jersey is becoming true. fema and red cross and others are doing a terrible job. >> jon: all right. we have to leave it there. more news watch ahead. first if you see something that shows evidence of media bias, tweet us. up next the media gears up for tuesday's big election. >> election day looms as candidates make a last ditch effort to reach voters and the media make a last ditch effort to prop up their man. that is next on news watch.
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you elected me in 2008, that is why i'm running for a second term for president of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> there is no question in my view that we really can't have four more years like the last four years. i know that the obama folks are chanting four more years. but our chant is this, five more days, five more days. >> jon: it sounded like three more days before the election. candidates pulling out the stops. doing everything we can to win support and get their niojt voters and competing for media attention. i'm guessing who you want to win this race. >> i do. i wanted to single out u.s.a.
3:24 pm
today on friday for calling out what i think has been the worst ad of this campaign season which is the ad that the obama campaign ran against romney, not one of us, unquote. that is completed loaded language. it's fair to say if romney used that on obama he would have been destroyed by the media so obama uses it on romney and u.s.a. d did flag it. >> you see basically a white media or white blib. a black guy is not one of us didn't feel about a white guy? >> they are clearly trying to say romney is not one of us. you can't have it both ways. >> it's a different concept. >> what became of the colorblind society. >> we have seen so much racism
3:25 pm
we don't have a colorblind society. a lot of racists came out of the woodwork. >> she muslim. he is not one of us. so what can we expect from the media leading up to tuesday? >> i think they have their guy they are pushing for. what are the excuses going to be. if obama wins, what are the excuses that the media is going to come up with or how did he win? is it going to be a weak romney or obama so great or vice versa i think we're seeing one. chuck todd on the today show when asked, why is romney beginning to spend money in wisconsin and pennsylvania and minnesota rather than say, romney is extending the map. chuck todd said the obama talking point he is run out of options. if we decided six days out and start spending in pennsylvania
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because we given up in ohio that is ridiculous. >> why is it ridiculous? he can't win ohio and can't make up the difference in a couple of days. >> you don't started over. >> on this weekend, how do you know that romney can't win ohio. >> he can't win ohio because he can't close a gap in such a period of time. he has got obama at 80% as of yesterday as of friday. >> nate sill investigator and alan colmes are trying to make a game that obama. >> real clear politics. >> they lean right. >> i think obama is so confident in ohio, one has to ask a question, why are they deploying 600 lawyers in a county to make sure that the people who are
3:27 pm
voting get moved along fast enough. i think they are worried that it's very risky to predict the outcome. >> why are the republicans are going after four states in swing states claiming the votes are going to obama and should be going to romney. >> because they know they are losing. >> jon: let's get back to the coverage. if president obama loses what is the media theme going to be? >> i think a lot of people, andrew sullivan, if you only voted, daily beast. if you only voted obama once you have to vote for him twice. i think some version of obviously the american people and alan is ready with that script. they bubbled up and he lost. think that is what he'll say. >> jon: if romney loses? >> it's going to be further
3:28 pm
indication that the republican party is dying, it's been taken over by tea party extremists. that the party is out of touch and demographically ill-suited. >> the problem with that. >> the rob with that, last year the religious right had taken over had taken over the republican party. now, it's the tea party but before that was the religious right. that has imploded because you don't see governor romney using abortion or gay marriage decisively. >> they became moderate, the religious right haven't taken over governor romney. >> are the media guilty aiding in the cover-up in the attacks in benghazi. >> the major news blackout over
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the details surrounding the deadly terror attacks roll on. and some navy seals talk about the benghazi disaster but their views got censored. who did that and why? all next on news watch. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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live from america's news headquarters. president obama and governor romney making closing arguments. romney visiting three battled ground states, new hampshire, colorado and ohio. ohio west virginia and virginia. voters are heading to the polls in the swing state of florida. today is the last day for early voting and some people waited in lines up to four hour's long. >> recovery efforts underway in the wake of hurricane sandy. some 2.7 million people across
3:33 pm
15 states and d.c. remain bought power. gas shortages are major problem for folks across new york, new jersey and connecticut. new jersey is rationing gasoline in 12 counties. i'm rick folbaum. now back to news watch. don't ask, don't tell is back. it's president obama's questions about libya. don't ask and don't tell. >> jon: jay leno taking a shot at president obama over the growing concerns about a cover-up by him and his administration over details surrounding the terror attacks at consulate in benghazi, libya. there wasn't a whole lot of coverage of this story before the hurricane hit. what about after? >> it was obliterated, blown away by this storm. it disappeared except for fox
3:34 pm
news and a couple of other reporters eli lake, a few other people pursuing the story and continuing to produce uncomfortable facts for the white house. david ignacious someone i respect enormously said there was no evidence that the white house or the c.i.a. leadership deliberately delayed or impeded the rescue efforts. but that is not the issue here. there is so many questions here. why did the senior counterterrorism security group never meet when it was supposed to? why did these explanations continue shifting? if the president said deploy whatever you have to do, protect our people, why did the secretary of defense leon panetta not get the memo and say we're not fire department. there are so many issues that the mainstream totally failed in
3:35 pm
a major story. >> i agree they failed but failed from the other side. c.i.a. officials gave us the time line within 24 minutes and it was outraged that the right wing media tried to play this card to hurt this president and play a game with lives of four americans. it's an outrage this is continued as a narrative. >> it's an outrage that those americans have died if in fact they could have been saved. >> they could have been saved. >> lime glad you know that. >> the administration -- >> let me finist
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>> i said last week there was
3:39 pm
canalbalism but this is more. whatever happens this election, they have to sort on the to get the blame. david petraeus has made it sure that it is not them. >> jon: we're going to answer more questions on this the next segment. the polls show what americans think but are the media paying attention? >> polls show americans care more about the economy and jobs. polls show voters think romney can fix the economy and create jobs. but the media aren't connecting the dots. why not? find out next on news watch. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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>> jon: kolg continuing our discussion of benghazi attacks. san diego times asked this, why won't the main stream media treat the evidence of incompetence like the ugly scandal it obviously is? then there was a this. they said a facebook page asking this question or making this statement. obama called the seals and they got bin laden. when the seals called obama, they got denied. facebook then took that page down and said it violated its terms of agreement. agreement usage terms. facebook later apologized and
3:44 pm
said all of that was an error. what do you make of this. >> coo sheryl sandberg, ex-clinton official, i am mystified. i can't guess why. [ laughter ] >> i think information did not want to be free. >> jon: my good friend rick, it's the san diego union tribune. my mistake. >> i'm glad that they apologized. i think that is important. they recognized. i think they should try to work to fix it why somebody was too jumpy on this. clearly somebody on the first level is censoring when they shouldn't. >> somebody felt they thought they were doing the right thing and facebook did the right thing by apologizing. it's a shame it did happen. >> jon: let's transition to the election. election comes tuesday. according to the latest fox news poll, economic issues are most
3:45 pm
important to voters. based on the fox news poll, likely voters believe that governor romney will do the best job to fix those issues. "washington post" abc news poll americans think governor romney is best suited for fixing the economy. are those concerns and capabilities reflected in the media coverage of this race? alan, let's start with you. >> why don't you started with me. i think it has been reflected. we keep hearing economy and economy and romney is a business guy and he ran this bain capital and he was a job creator which he really wasn't. we've heard in the media all along. i know there is paranoia that the left wing media is in the tank for obama and never tells the truth about romney. romney, i don't know what he stands for but i could understand why those polls b around the media narrative. >> all those folks that work at staples, their jobs were not
3:46 pm
created by mitt romney? >> mitt romney was a flipper. he was a venture capitalist. he would buy companies and get rid of them. >> media's focus on the economy led the washington post to do a huge article on the alleged bullying in 1965 while ignoring president obama's policies he wrote about himself. the laser focus has him. >> "new york times" writing a whole piece on women binders. >> i haven't heard anything but about the economy. >> mitt romney holding a gay down and cutting off his hair. >> because it was 30 years ago or 50 years ago. >> and bring up making fun of a blind teacher and having him
3:47 pm
walk in door and thinking that was funny. >> the economic issues are front and center on friday we got another jobs report. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%. if the labor force participation rate were the same as it was four years ago it would be closer to 10%. are the media paying attention. i think it is job numbers. they definitely are paying attention. >> lately the economic numbers have been going for the president. you have been reading that and seeing that on the air. that also contradicts the theme of the romney campaign which is governor romney is better able to deal with our economic problems than the president. >> if this low job growth were s good news, we're in trouble. it might be better than we experienced but we are still at anemic growth. we're not creating as many jobs as the birth rate. >> it's the coverage.
3:48 pm
if this were the bush economy and i think dan gainer had a piece on this. when the unemployment was 5% under bush it was depression and 8% and things at an, things are getting better. >> jon: talk about covering the coverage, pew did a story of the coverage from august 27th to october 21st. >> 71% of nbc's coverage of the romney's campaign, 3% was positive. fox news coverage of the obama campaign during the same period came in at 46% negative with 6 am positive. so the negative to positive ratio was 23 to 1 and fox news was 8 to 1. >> which candidate was more fodder for the media.
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>>. >> jon: a study released for media and public affairs, since the con vehicles in september. jay leno, fallon and kimmel have more jokes about romney than all the other candidates combined. governor romney was the target of 148 jokes. david letterman, 290 jokes made about republicans including arnold schwarzenegger, paul lieian and chris christie, 138 about democrats. only two others were the top ten bill clinton and joe biden. do you have an explanation. [ laughter ] >> the romney jokes write themselves. thank you, good night. [ laughter ]
3:53 pm
>> i think look, it's media bias. i remember saturday night live, when chevy chase doing gerald ford i think that made a difference in the nation. humor does that. >> ford was a football player and a skier, downhill skier, most athletic president was portrayed as a bunglar that could hardly walk. >> you can't changes the numbers but i would like to point out that jon stewart and steven col bevtd who demographic skew is a little bit younger but very good about making fun of both candidates. pretty equally. >> the excuse is the writers live in los angeles and new york city. they are part of those communities. they are the two most liberal cities in the united states.
3:54 pm
>> when clinton it was president it was about monica lewinsky. >> but except mitt romney is not president. it happened four years before romney was running. >> take a random example, joe biden is good source but he doesn't get the attention that ford or reagan. >> would you say biden was biggest targets. >> among democrats. >> jon: do people take these impressions of the late night comedians they make? >> i think they must, why would president obama spend so much time on those shows. >> he spent more time talking to jay leno than he has talking to the press. >> romney has done no national press two weeks before the election. >> except us weekly and rolling
3:55 pm
stone. >> if he knew he would get coverage he would do it, too. >> where is romney. >> obama is all over the place. >> the president hasn't had a press conference or press corps at the white house in months. president of the united states is not answering questions on benghazi. >> obama is in charge of our middle policy, for example. we'll see what happens if romney wins but we know for sure obama does not want to answer any questions, anything about libya. >> jon: next on news watch comparing the tv shows you watch to the presidential candidates might watch and create a next-gen s.u.v.
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>> jon: those who want extreme left views msnbc and viewers like you come to fox news channel and fox business network. how about what you watch for entertainment. a few shows obama enjoyed. homeland, boardwalk empire and the today show. some of the programs likely romney voters watch, college game day, dr. phil, rachel ray and "dancing with the stars". how about the candidates themselves? according to tv guide, president obama watches homeland, boardwalk empire, the wire and modern family and governor romney watches justified, mcis and friday night-light and modern family. we are sure that both candidates watch this show, as well. and that is wrap on news watch for this week. thanks to judy miller and jim pinkerton, rick


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